‘The Orphanage’ : A Call To Faith

‘The Orphanage’

Marcia King was a beautiful young woman with sinuous dark hair, who was petitioned by God to become a missionary in a remote land. The town of Oradea, Romania, was ground zero for her efforts to heal a town and a war-torn land that still existed in the shadows of socialism. In effect, the orphanage was a microcosm of Romania itself. The futile attempts at economic reform offered the average Romanian only a minimal existence. The orphanage fostered the results of the neglect. Children by the dozens were abandoned weekly in Oradea alone, for life under a Godless, communist utopia had failed them and left them with sundry economic and social issues, causing this catastrophe. The orphanage was the crux of the trilogy of support being offered by Marcia and her band of in-country national helpers. The government-run hospitals and children’s facilities would be enough to bring the average American to his or her knees. All types of neglect existed here, from lack of food and proper clothing, to outright pain and torture inflicted upon the homeless young. God by no means created situations like these, but he did create people like Marcia to fill the gap between heaven and hell on Earth.
A primary school enveloped the second layer of care at Children Under the Son, a school that cared not only for children raised at the orphanage, but also for children in the community who had been rejected by the local state schools for their positions in society. God again showed Marcia a need, and she and her group were there to fill it.
The third spoke in the wheel at Children Under the Son was a healing ministry for children. Success stories ranged from burn victims to brain injuries. The healing mission is generally the only hope for a family or child who requires medical attention. Obviously, these families have no money to pay for this kind of medical care, so Marcia and her group solicit funds from around the world to get the job done. Romania is a unique and wonderful land caught in a time lapse, leaving it fragile and unable to really move much beyond the status of third world.