The Hard Part


“Book Marketing”

The similarities between battling cancer and marketing a new book are frighteningly similar.  Don’t get me wrong, marketing a book is not a life or death matter “for most”, but it has its angels and demons.

When fighting cancer, you use all the energy you have within you to fight the growth of the tumorous cells.  This alone is no small task.  Words like “tiring,” “never-ending,” “pointless,” are just a few that come to mind.  The cancer has been found (the book has been written).  Now what do you do.  If you are like most with cancer, you say that you will beat the odds and do whatever it takes to stay alive on this temporal ground.  You go down one road, radiation.  You take a turn down another road, chemotherapy.  And some go down a third road of surgery, all in the name of the end result; living to see another precious day.  You read books on cancer survivors and go to church to find the best christian books available, if you are of that nature.  The bar has been set and you must somehow find a way over it.

As if writing a book is not hard enough, the process of marketing such achievement by most writers is daunting.  As with cancer, there are many different roads that you may venture down.  Do you pursue an agent and/or publisher (good luck).  Do you then self-publish, only to have most doors slammed in your face, like a dose of chemo, but you keep trying and coming back for more.  With limited funds and little experience, and with only a story to tell, like cancer, sometimes the odds are overwhelmingly against you.  But you persevere!

As a four-time cancer survivor and newly self-published author, I can tell you that nothing is harder than fighting the ultimate battle for your life.  But on a lighter note, now that I have to make a living trying to market my baby, I realize just how hard and cruel the real-world can be outside of medicine!