‘The Family Dog’ : A Call To Faith

‘The Family Dog’

“The Family Dog.”

On this particular late afternoon, the Gorhams and the other guests were all enjoying the vistas from the back deck, which sprawled from one end of the house to the other. The architect who built the house said, tongue-in-cheek, the deck space was large enough to land a helicopter. The house was two and a half stories, with another smaller deck on the top floor, which offered views that could take one’s breath away. It was time for supper, so everyone went inside except for Foster and Skip. The smell of food did not agree with Skip, so he thought he would stay outside, watching the baby and the dog play. The weather was warm this particular afternoon, and Foster was wearing, for some reason, just a shirt with no diaper. As luck would have it, Foster did his business on the deck. Skip went inside quickly to see if anyone was interested in helping pick up Foster’s “number two.” Skip and Ashley came back out on the deck with paper towels and a bucket of water to clean the mess. Skip showed Ashley the spot, but the poop was gone. Skip was certain it was in that general area of the deck, but they couldn’t find anything. Ashley looked at Foster, who was unfazed by it all, and then she looked at Trovo. Trovo was still licking his lips, enjoying the last morsels of Foster’s deposit on deck. Man’s best friend.