New Ebook: Four Time Cancer Survivor

Author J. Patrick Thomas has penned a new ebook entitled, “Four Time Cancer Survivor!,” which was adapted from his amazon cancer best seller, “A Call to Faith.” The following is an excerpt from the story: Prologue I had just been contacted by a man from London who had recently purchased my full length story, A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor. He told me that he read on the back cover of the book that I had […]

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Feature Article

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Feature Article The following was published in the quarterly newsletter to patients, survivors, and family members by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  I was treated their for the first cancer I had, thyroid cancer, in my late twenties.  I appreciate all the staff of Bridges, and the doctors and nurses who cared for me there.  I hope you enjoy the story. As I looked up at the building, I realized that I had passed it hundreds of times as […]

Teenager builds cancer detecting artificial brain

17 year old Brittany Wenger won first place in the Google Science Fair.  Her achievements are nothing short of genius.  Wenger wrote a cloud-based computer program that makes breast cancer detection less invasive. She called it the “Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer.” With breast cancer statistics on the rise, Ms. Wenger has taken a great step to advance the progression of detection in this type of cancer.  As with all cancers, early detection is critical in surviving […]

5 Secrets to Surviving Cancer

5 Secrets to Surviving Cancer   A cancer diagnosis is probably the most devastating news any of us will ever get. In fact, medical parlance describes typical reaction to it as the “Five Ds”: fears about dying, dysfunction, discomfort, disability, and dependence. As the population ages and grows, and survival rates improve, more people are living beyond their cancer diagnosis. Today, 13.7 million Americans have a history of cancer, with 18 million expected in 2022, the American Cancer Society and […]

Cancer Survival Rates

“Cancer Survival Rate” Shortly after the fact has set in to a new cancer recipient, the inevitable question arises shortly thereafter;  what are my chances of survival? The internet is loaded with sites that can give you this type of information.  While it is true, there are many factors to look at when factoring in a survival rate, such as size of the tumor, location of the tumor, age of the patient, etc., etc. If you are going to use […]

When Mom or Dad Gets Sick

“Kids and Cancer.” The question always arises when a parent is diagnosed with cancer or some other degenerative disease;  what do I/we tell the children? I can speak first hand on the subject, as a bone cancer survivor.  When I was diagnosed, I had a five year old daughter in kindergarten and a newborn who was birthed approximately a month before my diagnosis.  In my scenario, my children were young, and it makes things a lot different than if you […]

Zaching Against Cancer

I think Zach may start a new trend “Bald Zaching” he’s in for round 2 of chemotherapy and letting everyone know he’s still STRONG and FIGHTING! what can you do to help, we’d LOVE to see 1,000 ‘likes’ by the end of the week, I KNOW you can do it! thanks for your support ~ Theresa

Four Time Cancer Survivor

Four-Time Cancer Survivor. The cancer book, “A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor,” tells the story of a cancer survivor and offers a personal look into the trials of the suffering of not only the person dealing with it, but the family as well. It is a powerful teaching tool that gives the disease a face as well as a story to inspire people of all ages that are going through cancer and cancer treatment that not […]