New Ebook: Four Time Cancer Survivor


Author J. Patrick Thomas has penned a new ebook entitled, “Four Time Cancer Survivor!,” which was adapted from his amazon cancer best seller, “A Call to Faith.” The following is an excerpt from the story:

I had just been contacted by a man from London who had recently purchased my full length story, A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor. He told me that he read on the back cover of the book that I had said, “Cancer was the best thing to ever happen to me.” This man had just been diagnosed with cancer several days before picking up the book. He emailed me and told me his account of the story, and asked me, in a somewhat jovial way, how could I ever say such a thing. Believe me, it’s not the first time I have gotten that question. He was new to the disease and only beginning his own journey. I was a four-time survivor of the disease and had a different perspective. Let me explain.
Young and aggressive, beautiful wife and children, and had amassed a small fortune before the age of thirty. I had it all – or did I? In actuality, I never knew my biological marine aviator father who died in a helicopter crash. I had a younger sister who committed suicide in college. The witnessing of God when I needed it most. But my toughest battles were still ahead of me; finding my faith through cancer and divorce.
The events that unfold before you in my life are true to the best of my recollections. The triumphs and tragedies and everyday occurrences that take place in my life are very real.
Unfortunately, suffering is a part of life, but fortunately there is hope to counter balance the pain. Anyone who has survived cancer, lost loved ones, and witnessed family deconstruction has a story to tell. I am just a regular guy who lived such a life. My successes are not unlike your own, and my recrudescence of difficult issues afflicts the everyday man or woman. The undercurrent of stress and mental health concerns from cancer trouble many of us, including me.
If we live long enough, events will transpire that we would rather not witness. All of us will go through the good and the bad that life has to offer. But they say that it is how you react to trying times that matters, not the times themselves. Perspectives change and can go in either a positive or negative direction.
The second coming of faith in my life, I believe, allowed me the resilience necessary to fight the physical and emotional battles that came my way. My salvation was transcendental and led me to a better place. Everyone must find that place, be it of secular or nonsecular means. Faith is espoused repeatedly throughout this journey because it is my belief that faith is the reason that I persevered.
This is my story, but it could be your story as well.