Four-year-old cancer survivor McKenna May has made it to Disney World


Four-year-old cancer survivor McKenna May has made it to Disney World

McKenna, who is recovering from treatment for leukaemia, made headlines around the world last month after her father refused to sign a release form for the theme park holiday in Orlando, Florida.

He reportedly told her that a sicker child with less than six months to live should get the trip.

She had already postponed the holiday twice because of her cancer treatment, which finished in June. Chemotherapy treatments following her diagnosis at age 2 have affected her speech and immune system.

But the story has a happy ending, reports.

McKenna has arrived at Give Kids the World in Orlando – a resort built for children with life-threatening illnesses who are visiting the area’s attractions such as Disney World, Sea World, Legoland and Universal Studios’ Harry Potter park.

“It’s really exciting,” McKenna’s mum Whitney Hughes said. “It’s also kind of a shock factor too, can’t believe we’re actually here.

“I had faith that it would (happen), but I didn’t think it would happen this fast.”

McKenna’s father William May of Toledo, who is not married to Ms Hughes, said donations made to the Make-A-Wish organisation should help those who are terminally ill.

“Spend the money on a child who this might be their last memory,” Mr May said in refusing the gift on his daughter’s behalf.

But after the story hit the news, businesses and individuals across America teamed up to raise money for the trip, including McKenna’s two young nephews who sold icy-poles on the street.

A group called Jamie’s Dream Team ended up sponsoring the vacation.

Child with Cancer goes to Disney World

Child with Cancer goes to Disney World