‘Mimi’ : A Call To Faith


Skip was still grieving over the loss of Mimi and was determined, though he knew better, that he would attend the funeral. This would require missing chemo, getting on a crowded and potentially germ infested plane, and flying to Delaware to the funeral. Can you even fly to Delaware, Skip thought to himself. He knew deep down that he wouldn’t be able to go.

Ashley sat on the couch in the kitchen as she did on most nights, reading her daily devotional during a peaceful time when the house was finally at rest for the day. The apparition came as swiftly as it went away. A woman in white, very bright white appeared before Ashley, hovering slightly above the ground. The woman was unmistakable and had a physical transparency about her that made her appearance seem ghost-like. Ashley was never afraid, but had an incredible sense of peace at the vision of Mimi hovering above the kitchen floor. Ashley wasn’t sure how long Mimi was there before she spoke to her. Mimi was magnificent with brilliant white features and pleasant countenance. When Mimi spoke, Ashley was stunned. It was almost like Mimi was illuminated in the air from a projector. Words were spoken but did not come from her mouth, but rather from her presence. Mimi spoke to Ashley. “God knows that you and Skip are struggling with my death, and that Skip is heart-broken about not being able to attend my funeral. Know that it is alright and peace be with you,” uttered the vision, “for your God is a great and almighty God.” The apparition was over. Similar to Skip and his encounter with Benny Hinn, Ashley sat stunned wondering if the event she just witnessed really happened. Skip was sleeping as Ashley crawled into the bed beside him, and decided not to wake him, and that he could hear the story in the morning. As one can imagine, Ashley couldn’t sleep at all that evening, replaying the vision of Mimi over and over in her head until she heard the alarm clock go off. She must have dozed off and it was time for work and another day. She was up and had the kids ready and out of the house before Skip awoke.

Upon her arrival home at the end of the day, Ashley sat Skip down and told him of the vision of Mimi. These were very trying times for Skip. The chemo was wearing him to near death, and the loss of Mimi was another huge factor in his declining health. Skip was exuberant over the apparition and firmly believed that it was real. He needed to hear this. It came at a time where he was ready to give up on life, family and all. The day to day struggle was just too much. He couldn’t eat and lost so much weight. The endless days post chemo receiving blood transfusions at the hospital. It was all crescendoing out of control. Skip wanted to be with Mimi in a place where there was no more pain. He had grown weary of the earth and was searching now for the transcendent. However, this news from Ashley was quite unbelievable, and gave Skip hope to carry on, at least for a little while longer.