Endorsements : A Call To Faith


A Call to Faith is a personal, honest story of a cancer survivor. The writing style of the book took some getting used to, since you are thrown into several parallel stories and characters that are interwoven. Eventually, I got everything lined up and became “part of the family.” Even though J. Patrick Thomas survived the cancer, the story did not have a fairy tale ending. None of us know how long we will live, so we should live as if today is our last. “Cancer” is the last word we would ever want to hear, but sometimes it wakes us up to what is important in life. J. Patrick Thomas found God and a calling as a result of his experiences. Still, being cured didn’t solve all his problems. Yet God gives us the time we need to accomplish His purposes for our life. God bless you, Mr. Thomas. May God inspire you each and every day until He calls you home.

Rich Deem, Evidence for God


A Call to Faith is an honest look into the consequences and reality of a young vibrant person stricken with cancer. The story takes you on the journey that is filled with raw emotion, fear and questions that bring to life the depth of facing a life threatening disease with life threatening treatments. Faith and love of his children and parents allow Skip to climb from the black hole that tried to consume him. A page turner and great read for anyone wanting a better understanding of the mental journey cancer patients travel.

Jenny Whittle, M.Ed
Educational Consultant
College Planners of South Carolina, LLC


Jay, I applaud you on this project.  This kind of writing is difficult but you’ve done a great job.  I’d imagine that the process of writing this has been therapeutic in some ways.

Jeff Csatari
Rodale, Inc.


Reading your manuscript, I’m reminded of writers Pat Conroy and Bret Lott. Your writing is gentle and reflective, yet honest—perfect for the subject matter presented.



I have read Jay’s book and it was both compelling and thought provoking. Most of us (me included) never want to consider what we might do if faced with the tough challenges others face in life. When you listen to what Jay went through, and you see how he fought through it, you will see a great example of “faith in action.” Thank you for sharing it with me.

David Phillips, President
Custom Development Solutions, Inc.