Can’t Give it Away!


On more than one occasion, I have had my book, A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor,” turned away when being offered for FREE!

Let me give you an example. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is somewhat of a philanthropist and has offered a hospital in Philadelphia 100 free copies of the book for the benefit of the cancer patients and their families. No brainer right. One would expect a big thank you and off they go. But the response was NO! The reason being, albeit the book has its merits, the hospital thought that it was to “religious,” and decided not to accept. Needless to say my donor friend was upset, and will now think of other places to kindly give.

Even though the book is entitled, “A Call to Faith,” the premise behind its writing was to give hope and encouragement to those going through difficult times, particularly cancer. One can be Christian, as am I, or an atheist. The take home message here is hope, and if you get that through faith or humanism, this book gives you one mans journey into how he handled his life threatening illnesses.

Please read the reviews on Amazon and other places that describe how readers related to it in both secular and non-secular ways.

Last I looked, over 90 percent of the population believed in a higher deity.