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While I realize there is a recession going on, and my Kindle ebook has been already slashed from $9.99 to $2.99, I am going to do one better!

On June 28th and June 29th, A Call to Faith, the journey of a cancer survivor, will be available FREE of charge at the Kindle Store on  The free promotion will only last those two days, so tell your friends and family to get a copy and enjoy the reading over the fourth of July holiday.  If you read the ebook, I would greatly appreciate a review of it on

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Summer Begins

“Summer Begins”

Summer brings me back to the care-free days of my youth.  Little to worry about except when school started again and how you were going to occupy those mundane summer days.  Today is the longest. lightest day of the year.  I found my own children out back playing basketball and doing the things kids do in the summer time, where supper time and night fall seem an eternity away.

When I was a child and adolescent my family had a beach cottage in Dewey Beach, DE, where we migrated to in the summer months.  Days were filled with surfing and skim boarding, and taking in too much sun.  A look back and wonder whether it was these years of my youth getting sunburned that eventually led to my obtaining two melanomas in my later years.  No one can know for sure.

The evenings would be spent on the boardwalk with family and friends, partaking in putt-putt gold and indulging in all the health food the board walk had to offer;  funnel cakes, ice cream, french fries, etc.  All seemed harmless and the time, and perhaps they were.  There is no telling where my Ewing’s sarcoma came from.  It is only known that I had a chromosomal abnormality that caused such disease.

As we begin to pack for our annual pilgrimage back to Dewey Beach, with my children this time, I am reminded of summers past and summers yet to come.  Parents have turned to grand-parents and children to parents.  The cycle of life continues.  I love when summer begins.




Cancer Survival Rates

“Cancer Survival Rate”

Shortly after the fact has set in to a new cancer recipient, the inevitable question arises shortly thereafter;  what are my chances of survival?

The internet is loaded with sites that can give you this type of information.  While it is true, there are many factors to look at when factoring in a survival rate, such as size of the tumor, location of the tumor, age of the patient, etc., etc.

If you are going to use the internet as a source of information on cancer survival rates, and I suggest you do, make sure that you go to either your hospital’s website, or one of the sites of a major cancer center, like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  They have seen the most patients, have the largest sets of data, and usually the best docs.

Since I was using a treatment protocol developed by St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I went to their site for statistical information.  One caveat that I should mention at this time is that they ARE only statistics.  Everybody and every case in unique.  I told my wife, who was doing much of the research, that I only wanted to hear “good” statistics, because I really couldn’t handle any more bad news.

Your doctor can be a source of statistical information as well, but in my case, my cancer was so rare that they really didn’t have the data that a place like the Duke Cancer Institute  had.  Some of it was good, some of it was bad.  That’s just how the cookie crumbles!