‘Benny Hinn’ : A Call To Faith

‘Benny Hinn’

Skip was back from a grueling visit to 5 South and lay in bed one early evening as the rest of the family was having supper. Skip felt like watching a little television, so he turned on the set. Skip was not a big TV watcher, as it usually just made noise that would end up making him more nauseous. This particular night something compelled him to turn on the TV and flip around to see what was on. While channel surfing, he stopped on a Christian broadcasting station. Inside of the set, staring right into Skip’s eyes was this man with a white suit and what looked like a gray toupee. He was ending his show, a show that Skip had never seen before, with prayer. There were no sheets of paper nor written prayer requests in front of him. It was as if God were telling him what to say to the audience. He went through a litany of prayer and finally opened his eyes and raised his head and looked directly into the camera at Skip, and said, “Lord, a young man will be healed of bone cancer.” Benny Hinn had just spoken a healing prayer directly to Skip. Benny Hinn is best known for performing healing miracles through his evangelical ministry of some thirty-six years. Again, unbeknownst to Skip, this minister was a best-selling author and television evangelist. He was infamous in his worldwide healing organization. Skip couldn’t believe his ears and eyes. Did that really just happen, or was he in another chemo daze? There was no way of knowing for sure, but Skip was a believer. He called feverishly for the rest of the family to come. When Ashley came, he told her that he had just been healed by the television. Ashley raised her eyebrows. Skip meant the man on the television, Benny Hinn. Skip told the story as Caroline raced into the room.

“Ashley, Benny Hinn just declared by the Word of God that a man will be healed from bone cancer,” said Skip. “Can you believe it?”

Ashley didn’t know what to say. She had never heard of Benny Hinn. But Caroline was ecstatic about the news of her daddy being better. Skip was certain this minister was referring to him. What are the odds that he would turn the TV on, flip around the channels, and feel compelled to stop on a station and show that he had never seen before? Skip wanted to see it again and again, but to no avail. Surely it was the hand of God who directed him in the direction of Benny Hinn. Hope is eternal, and Skip needed a great deal of hope at that particular time. Benny Hinn had just given him something to cling onto. Skip didn’t care what anyone else said or thought about the Benny Hinn Ministries; he was a believer and nothing would change his mind.