Author’s Note : A Call To Faith

Author’s Note

As mentioned in the Prologue, I did my best to reconstruct the pieces of a very true story, my story! In a somewhat humbling way, using the third-person perspective gave me the ability to tell the truth even more so than I could have in the first-person. I fought off the experts and went with a judgment call to write it as so. It is by the grace of God that I had the strength, time, and motivation to finish this book, for which I am eternally grateful.

I would particularly like to thank Scott Thomas, who was the original editor of the manuscript. His abilities and omnipresent optimism gave me the courage to continue when times were tough. I would also like to tip my hat to Lisa Kerns, David Phillips, and Jeff Csatari for their editing prowess and encouragement. To the numerous readers, you know who you are; a special thank you goes out to you for also giving me the courage to write this story, and for giving me the hope that someday I could help others by sharing it.

There would be no story without the doctors and hospitals that helped save my life. Roper St. Francis, St. Jude Children’s Research, the Medical University of South Carolina, the Washington Hospital Center, and the Duke Cancer Institute all played significant roles in my healing. To Dr. Angus Baker and his staff for seeing me through to the guiding light, and Dr. Martin Malawer who gave me the ability to continue to have a right arm, thank you. There were many, many more doctors and nurses along the way that provided the ultimate care, too numerous to mention here.

To my children, Langley and Caroline Thomas, and my parents Jack and Rosemary Thomas, I thank you for the love during the dark hours. Please remember that out of darkness comes hope, so keep the faith and don’t ever give up the fight!